Aromatherapy DIY- bronchial problems

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Aromatherapy, DIY-, bronchial problems, respiratory tract mucositis


Use the hot water in the bowl to breathe in the steam. Drop the essential oil on the surface of the water. Close your eyes and inhale for at least 10 minutes.

Formula 1 rosemary 1 drops + Mint 2 drops + tea tree 1 drops

Other essential oils: lavender, clove, pine, frankincense and nutmeg

Wipe the chest and back with the following essential oils:

Recipe two tea tree 2 drops +

+ 2 drops of rosemary thyme + Eucalyptus 5 drops + 1 drops of base oil 10ml

Upper respiratory tract infection

Cold when the respiratory tract is very uncomfortable, you may wish to use essential oils to improve symptoms

"Incense" Eucalyptus mint tea

Mixed use, so that essential oils molecules spread to the air, can relieve nasal congestion symptoms and disinfection of the air

"Bath" tea 3 drops 3 drops 3 drops of Eucalyptus

"Massage" tea 2 drops 2 drops 2 drops of eucalyptus oil based 10ml

Mix massage on both sides of the nose


"Steam" rosemary 3 drops + thyme 1 drops + Mint 1 drops

"Sniff" 2 drops of rosemary + Geranium 1 drops + 1 drops of Eucalyptus

Mix the essential oils in proportion, then place 1 drops on the tissue and inhale

"Massage" 5 drops rosemary + Geranium 5 drops + Eucalyptus 2 drops + 3 drops, 5 drops of peppermint essential oil mixed base oil + 5ml.

According to the proportion of mixing, each massage only 5 drops. Massage the entire neck, ears, front and back, cheekbones, nose, and forehead.

Other suitable oil: tea, Rolle, Du Song, benzoin, oregano, niaouli, pine.

Prevent colds

When you have a cold, an essential oil that fights viral infections and strengthens the immune system prevents or reduces cold symptoms.

"Incense" chamomile + camphor + Eucalyptus

"Massage" cinnamon 3 drops + camphor + 7 drops chamomile 10 drops + Eucalyptus 10 drops + 30ml base oil

"Bath" camphor 1 drops + chamomile 2 drops + 2 drops of rosewood.

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