Aromatherapy for depression

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Aromatherapy massage with plant essential oils can relieve depression. They say that while they are taking antidepressants, aromatherapy can be an adjunctive therapy.


The researchers enrolled 5 patients, aged between 39 and 59, who were diagnosed with mild depression. Massage two times a week, 30 minutes each, for 4 weeks. The researchers tested the patient's Hamilton anxiety scale before and after treatment. This value represents the degree of depression. The greater the number, the more serious the illness is and the normal under 10 is normal.

The trial showed that before 5 patients received aromatherapy, the average anxiety score was 14.8 points. After receiving massage, they returned to normal and dropped below 8.8 points.

Depression is associated with decreased prefrontal blood flow and impaired metabolic function in depressed patients. The massage test showed that the prefrontal lobe function showed signs of recovery.

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