Aromatherapy DIY- skin problems

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Mix 2 drops of tea tree with 1 drops of lavender. Rub with cotton swabs and wipe them around your toes and nails. Mix the following massage oil and apply it to your feet. Please strengthen the toes:

Tea tree 5 drops + Lemon 1 drops + 5ml base oil is diluted.

Other essential oils: Thyme, lavender, marigold, and Niu Xicao.



Rub 1 drops of lavender and 1 drops of chamomile. Carefully pat him into the bubble.

Other essential oils: tea tree, lemon, marigold, myrrh.


Moderate sunburn:

In the burned parts coated with lavender water, 5 times a day, skin redness, will gradually subside and calm.

Severe sunburn:

All red and burned parts will hurt, using essential oils rather than water to effectively.

Lavender essential oil 10 drops + base oil 10ml, fully mixed, light painted in affected part.

If the sunburn is severe, the lavender essential oil should be increased to 20 drops.

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