Aromatherapy machine usage

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Now, the pace of life is speeding up, making everyone's life pressure more and more big, many people need to relax after the body and mind.


How to use an aromatherapy machine - Introduction to how to use it

Open the fragrance machine power switch, and adjust the brightness of the light, the brighter the light, the higher the heat distribution, fragrance essential oils volatile faster, the air fragrance essential oils concentration higher. When you are out or indoors for a long time, please switch off the fragrance machine. When using, please pay attention to the temperature of the fragrant machine, so as not to scald. When the container is hot, please don't add water directly, and then add water after cooling. At the point when the aromatherapy machine, first light to the light, such as plate on the water gets hot, in the light to minimize, let it slowly heating, so that the use of aromatherapy machine will last longer, and essential oil is better, longer play a role. Suitable for office, shops, beauty salons, hotels, hotels, pet shops and other public places, but also suitable for the bedroom, study, living room and other personal Home Furnishing, as gifts for friends, birthday gifts, wedding gifts best new.

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